Movie Announcement

Exciting news out about our October movie release.

“Coming out this October.

This “one of a kind” documentary explores the Dilemma facing Americans as they retire.

Over 30 top Phd’s, economists, whistleblowers, and government officials have been interviewed.

In fact, two Nobel Prize winners openly wanted to be involved and get this message out.

Something shocking came up during the filming…

Where top economists, PhD’s, and especially Nobel Prize Winners put their retirement assets.

Not where you might think.

They hold them in cash flow producing assets…and most of them hold them in assets that can provide a guaranteed income for life.

It added even more proof to basing your retirement on math and science to generate more income liberation and potentially the ability to spend more during those years…

And potentially never run out of pennies.

That is what my friend Ethan had to say about the movie.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

More Details as they become available…


Pension Plan Lawsuit

New York Transit Worker Pension Plans Sue Over Fund Mismanagement

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Defined Benefit Pension Plan Master Trust, Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority Pension Plan and MTA Other Post-Employment Benefit Plan have filed a lawsuit against Allianz Global Investors U.S. alleging mismanagement of an AllianzGI Structured Alpha (SA) fund caused “astonishing” losses.

Uh oh.

China has won AI battle with U.S., Pentagon’s ex-software chief says

(Recasts headline, adds U.S. comment) LONDON, Oct 11 (Reuters) – China has won the artificial intelligence battle with the United States and is heading towards global dominance because of its technological advances, the Pentagon’s former software chief told the Financial Times.

Modern Miracles, New Cancer Treatment Saves the Terminally Ill

New cancer treatment destroys tumours in terminally ill, finds trial

A new cancer treatment can wipe out tumours in terminally ill head and neck cancer patients, scientists have discovered. In a landmark trial, a cocktail of immunotherapy medications harnessed patients’ immune systems to kill their own cancer cells and prompted “a positive trend in survival”, according to researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, and the Royal Marsden NHS foundation trust.

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What is the metaverse and why you probably should care

What is the metaverse, and do I have to care?

In recent months you may have heard about something called the metaverse. Maybe you’ve read that the metaverse is going to replace the internet. Maybe we’re all supposed to live there. Maybe Facebook (or Epic, or Roblox, or dozens of smaller companies) is trying to take it over.

A Well Written Update on Reducing Medicare Premiums

It Takes Planning to Reduce Your Medicare Premiums

The federal government is expected to run a deficit of $3.0 trillion this year, adding to a national debt that already totals more than $28 trillion. Politi­cians will be looking for ways to increase revenue (i.e., raise taxes) and reduce spending. Two of the most expensive federal spending programs are Social Security and Medicare.

What Issues Should You Consider Before You Retire? A Detailed Checklist