Baby Boomer Dilemma, Education

*Movie Announcement*

Exciting news out about our October movie release.

This “one of a kind” documentary explores the Dilemma facing Americans as they retire.

Over 30 top Phd’s, economists, whistleblowers, and government officials have been interviewed.

In fact, two Nobel Prize winners openly wanted to be involved and get this message out.

Something shocking came up during the filming…

Where top economists, PhD’s, and especially Nobel Prize Winners put their retirement assets.

Not where you might think.

They hold them in cash flow producing assets…and most of them hold them in assets that can provide a guaranteed income for life.

It added even more proof to basing your retirement on math and science to generate more income liberation and potentially the ability to spend more during those years…

And potentially never run out of pennies.

That is what my friend Ethan had to say about the movie.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

More Details as they become available…


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