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Most caregivers give more than their time.

“AARP’s new report shows the stark reality family caregivers face today,” says Nancy LeaMond, chief advocacy and engagement officer for AARP. “While financial challenges cross all segments of society, they hit hardest for Hispanic/Latino, African American and younger caregivers, as well as those caring for loved ones with dementia. Family caregivers are the backbone of America’s long-term care system, and that backbone is breaking.”

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The Blood Type Diets : Seaweeds: A Gift from the Sea

I’ve been a fan of Dr. D’Adamo’s work for years and have realized many of the benefits of his approach to health. Seaweed is a constantly overlooked source of healthy nutrition. My discovery of seaweed and it’s adherance/anti-adherance properties was a health game changer for me personally.
My 5 year old won’t eat alot of ordinary foods but is constantly asking me for seaweed to snack on.
Who knew?