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The Baby Boomer Bond Dilemma

U.S. Treasuries have been the bonds of choice for safe retirement income. But they could deliver no real return for the next decade. Today’s record low bond yields could not come at a worse time for many baby boomers. Owning U.S.

Presidential Election Cycles and the U.S. Stock Market


Market Reflections “Historical Performance Following Strong Years”

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Retirement Income Puzzle

What Do People Have Against Retirement Income?

Over the past few years, economists have expended a lot of time and energy attempting to explain what they call ” the annuity puzzle.” The puzzle is this: A guaranteed lifetime income is a valuable thing (especially if it comes with regular cost-of-living adjustments), and people who receive one through a traditional state or corporate pension are generally very happy with it.

In Retirement: Time To Abandon The 4% Rule??

Retirement: Time To Abandon The 4% Rule

With the prolonged era of historically low interest rates artificially created by central banks, retirement savers have been forced out of conservative assets like Treasury bonds, CDs, and high-grade bonds and pushed into riskier assets like growth stocks and junk bonds.

Gradient Investments Weekly Talking Points 12.16.19

Markets reached new highs on Thursday boosted by reports the US & China were ready to announce a trade deal. Once the deal was broadcast on Friday, markets were little changed. See Economic Data below for details. The S&P 500 rose 0.77% for the week, with the Russell 2000 up 0.30% and the NASDAQ up 0.93%.