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Who We Are


Better Business Bureau

As founder of StraightForward Wealth Management, Thomas Gier has helped families make better decisions about their investments and insurance for over 25 years nationally and is located in San Diego County, California.

Thomas Gier’s clients represent a diverse group of successful families, individuals and businesses.

“I believe most people want to protect and insure their life savings and avoid unnecessary expenses,” says Thomas. “Most people have no idea what the lifelong consequences are of even a couple of down years on their investments.

Protecting savings from losses is equally as important as gains when families enter retirement and even more so during the post-retirement period of their lives. While my advice is always at a fiduciary standard, I want all of my clients to understand every decision that’s made or recommended.”

Thomas has been quoted by a variety of publications, and recently appeared on ABC News 10 for an interview in San Diego.

Thomas focuses on maximizing earnings on savings for his clients, while avoiding unnecessary risk and fees. In addition he provides referrals to attorneys and other professionals for catastrophic illness planning and post-retirement planning.

Education and Professional Certifications
Certified Financial Educator® (CFEd®)
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
Securities license — Series 65 Fiduciary Standard Advisor
United States Marine Corps, 1985-1990
University of Kansas, 1992

Areas of Practice
*Retirement Planning
*Estate Planning
*Wealth Management
*Retirement Income Protection
*Portfolio Risk Management


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